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My  Services

I offer a wide range of services including but not limited to …

Broadband Setup Repair & Optimisation

Let’s get you online quickly, with a minimum of fuss!

Wi-Fi Network Optimisation / Access Points Installed

Let’s me fix your unreliable connection or lack of coverage.

Structured Cabling, Installation & Testing

A well designed wired network offers many advantages over WiFi.

Phone line faults and alterations

Phone line faults are often the underlying problem that causes broadband issues.

Wi-Fi Network Optimisation / Access Points Installed

Using a wireless connection (WI-Fi) to your router can lead to slow broadband speeds and Wi-Fi Dead Spots in your house. Using a wired connection is one option but there are others.

Broadband routers are just like any other technology and they improve all the time, when was the last time you had a new one?

Powerline Broadband adapters/extenders can also be used to beat those parts of your property that don’t have a wi-fi signal.  We can install these and take your Wi-Fi signal from your router and create a strong, reliable signal just where you need it, upstairs, in the garden shed or caravan on the driveway.

If you have a Problem with your telephone, broadband or Wi-fi I will fix it for you

Telephone Broadband Solutions, Aldershot, Hampshire